Bigger is Not Better

The Restoracy of Whitestown COVID-19 safety advantage

Dear valued community member,

In designing our unique senior-care community, our homes were created for maximizing personal attention and staffing ratios.  What we didn’t realize was that our model is ideal for minimizing risk and the spread of disease with a highly contagious disease.  Our community features small homes with only 12 residents per home, each with stand alone services including dining, laundry and activities.  This allows our residents to be safely segregated from all other residents and staff, by living in completely independent homes. 

Upon arrival at The Restoracy, each resident is placed under quarantine in a “yellow zone” until COVID-19 test results come back (usually 48-72 hours).  After ensuring the new resident did not test positive, they are placed in a home or “green zone” with other COVID-19 free residents and staff.  If a resident tests positive, we have designated a “red zone” home for treatment and care of residents being treated for COVID-19.  The staff that work and care for residents in this home do not work or care for residents in the Green or Yellow zones.  This ensures the safety and appropriate cohorting of all residents.

Our number one priority is the safety of our residents.  Having six separate homes and our process for safely and appropriately placing residents to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is a unique solution to this challenging pandemic.  Residents that come for temporary rehabilitation can feel secure that they have chosen the best alternative to larger, institutional care options.

In addition to the advantage of our smaller size, we also have two covered porches in each home, ideal for outdoor family visitation.  Within state and local guidelines, family members can enjoy fresh air visits while in the shade or protected from rain. 

The Restoracy of Whitestown has and will continue to follow all CDC, State Department of Health and County guidelines as recommendations and policies are put in place.  100% of our staff have been tested for COVID-19 and we continue monitor their health daily as recommended by the CDC for the safety of our residents and the good of our community.

If you have specific questions related to The Restoracy of Whitestown’s policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please email and our Executive Director will be happy to answer your questions.